8 Things You Can Do To Simplify Your Chores

Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and just get rid of all your chores? While you’re busy dreaming about this, there are some things you can do to simplify your chores.

Much of it comes down to the little things, such as organization and handling small tasks before they turn into major problems.

Luckily, a few changes to your routine and even your home storage and cabinets might just make you dread your chores a little less.

1. Organize Supplies

First things first, organize your cleaning supplies. If your bathroom cleaner and sponges are in a kitchen cabinet, you waste time going back and forth with your supplies. Plus, you end up with a more cluttered cabinet and have a hard time finding what you need.

For kitchen supplies, consider adding a shelf, storage rack or even a hanging shoe caddy inside your pantry door. Organize your supplies by their use, such as countertops, stove/oven, cabinets and floors. For your bathroom, Set aside a little space under your sink to store a few supplies. Putting them in a basket makes them much easier to get to.

2. Add Storage Everywhere

Do you clean your home one day only to look around the next and wonder how you missed the tornado that came through? Maybe your kids decided to play with every toy from their room in the middle of the living room. Perhaps everyone came home and dumped their bags, coats and shoes here, there and everywhere.

Simplify your chores by adding storage in every room. It may take a few weeks for it to become a habit, but make a point of containing clutter to set storage areas. For instance, a mudroom or even just a set of cubbies near the door allows everyone to take off shoes and store daily gear without it looking like a mess.

Add side tables with pull out storage bins or drawers for quick clean ups. Then, once a week (or twice if necessary), clean out the storage bins so you can start fresh for another week.

3. Keep Quick Clean Supplies

Having a small arsenal of quick cleaning supplies is one of the best ways to simplify your chores. For instance, dry dust wipes work great for doing some quick dusting. You can use Swiffer or any other brand. Of course, you can use Swiffer or store brand sweepers and mops as well to quickly dust or mop your floors in minutes.

Disinfecting wipes are ideal for cleaning over counters every day without having to do much work or waiting for germs to really start building up. Consider having a few smaller vacuums to vacuum smaller rooms in minutes. Not having to lug around a large vacuum all over the house really helps. Keep your chosen quick clean supplies in or near the rooms you’ll use them in for best results.

4. Do A Little Each Day

Most people hate doing chores because it seems to take up their entire Saturday. So, why wait until Saturday or whatever other day is cleaning day? You could spend 15-20 minutes each day, get just as much accomplished and not feel overwhelmed.

In fact, since it doesn’t seem like so much to do, you get your chores done faster. For instance, take 10 minutes to use a dusting wipe over your living room and another 10 minutes to do the same to your bedroom. Doing little things each day helps you to simplify your chores and makes chores seem quick and easy.

5. Simplify What You Use

Does it take 20 supplies just to clean your bathroom? How many items do you use to dust your living room? The truth is, you don’t need dozens of different products to do your chores. Many all-purpose solutions now exist. You could also use natural solutions, such as vinegar, to clean a wide variety of things in your home.

Fewer supplies mean you do more in less time. Plus, you’re not dragging around a box full of cleaning supplies. Go through everything and get rid of what you don’t need.

6. Put Up A Schedule

Finally, put up a set schedule. Chores pile up when you procrastinate. Add a schedule to your refrigerator. If you live with someone else or have a family, delegate the chores. This will simplify your chores and make it easier for everyone. Plus, you see exactly what needs to be done today and you feel satisfied when you check it off.

7. Adopt Cleaning Life Hacks

In addition to the above, start adding some cleaning life hacks to your routine. For instance, did you know a squeegee works great for getting up pet hair? Some great lists to check out include:

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Image: Jonathan Francisca