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Whether you live in a large house or a studio apartment, there is underutilized space. Many people complain about not having enough storage in their homes, but seeking out and using these “hidden” spaces can solve this problem. These small spaces are often in plain sight in smaller rooms such as the laundry room, mudrooms, entryways, or utility rooms.  Custom cabinets can turn these spaces into storage.

A Little Ingenuity Can go a Long Way

Persistent clutter around a house will never fix itself. Eventually, this starts to affect the occupants’ psychology. Most people reach a point where they have to declutter and organize. Take the time to plan the organization, so the result is pleasing to the eye, and the build-up of clutter doesn’t get repeated.

There are many articles on how to declutter and organize small spaces in your house. Here are a few of the most popular solutions:

Wall Space

Edgewood Cabinetry custom cabinetWalls are the underrated space-saver in a house. Many homes have clutter all over the floor, but nothing on the walls, but in a small space, every square foot is luxury real estate, and walls are the unutilized land.
Use shelving units that extend to the ceiling. Add shelving above doorways, couches, beds – any part of a wall that is usually blank can be used.

Install sconces instead of table lights for lighting. Table lights or freestanding lamps take up floor space. Free up that space and attach lighting to the walls.

Attach hooks and racks to store sports equipment. Hang bikes on the wall instead of leaving them in a small basement or garage, taking up precious floor space.


Another underutilized space around the house is the backs of doors. This space is perfect for hanging cleaning utensils, jewelry, towels, bags, shoes – just about any small household item. It keeps these objects accessible but out of sight. Don’t forget the doors of the cabinets. These doors can also provide extra storage space by adding a few hooks.

Skirted Furniture

What To Do With That Awkward Under The Stair SpaceThe space underneath furniture such as a sofa, chairs, side tables, and beds can be used as storage space. If the furniture has a skirt, this space is easily used as storage. It’s not seen due to the skirt, so no fancy storage containers are required. If the furniture is not skirted, used decorative baskets or colored storage boxes for a beautiful aesthetic.

Room Color

The color of a room does not add more space, but it can give the feeling of more space. If adding more shelving to walls (especially if the shelving is floor to ceiling), keep the walls and furniture a light color, so the room doesn’t feel like it’s getting smaller.

So before thinking you have to move to a bigger house to get more storage space, take a good look around your home. There may be more space there than you think.

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