7 Cabinet Door Styles For Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the easiest ways to remodel your kitchen is with new cabinet door styles. The hard part is picking the right door style for your kitchen.

Since your doors are the most visible element, it’s worth taking the extra time to look at various styles. You’ll want something that fits well with your kitchen’s theme.

Of course, you can always do a quick kitchen makeover now and then just by opting for new door styles. This is a great way to keep your kitchen modern without replacing everything.

1. Flat

One of the simplest kitchen cabinet door styles is flat. As the name implies, it’s a basic flat door without any embellishments. While it might seem plain at first glance, don’t discount it. For modern or minimalist kitchens, this is one of the best options.

Another benefit is they’re one of the easiest door styles to clean. Without any raised or recessed areas, all you have to do is wipe over them, which makes keeping your kitchen clean much easier. They’re easy to dress up with the right hardware too.

2. Shaker

Shaker is one of the most classic cabinet door styles. It’s also one of the most popular. It’s made up of five pieces and looks like a recessed flat center panel framed by four thin pieces along the sides. The design is made to emphasize utility over style, but shaker is still incredibly stylish.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that’s not quite as basic as flat, shaker is definitely the right way to go.

3. Distressed

Often, the easiest way to pick the right door style is by thinking about your overall kitchen theme or even home theme. If you want a more antique or vintage theme, distressed cabinet doors are the ideal option. The good news is distressed doors can use any other cabinet door styles. For instance, you can turn flat or shaker styles into distressed.

The process involves taking new doors and making them look older using special techniques. Since this process can cost more, it’s a good idea to opt for a simpler overall door style to stay on budget.

4. Inset

Inset doors look absolutely stunning, though they can be more expensive. Like the name says, this door style sets inside the cabinet frame versus on the outside. This also allows the hinges to be exposed, adding a little more hardware to the outside of your cabinet doors.

This style creates an elegant look. They often have a raised style as well, though flat or shaker styles work well too.

5. Square Raised

Another one of the more classic cabinet door styles is square raised. These are similar to shaker, but instead of a flat center panel, there’s a raised center design that can be shaped like a smaller version of the cabinet door or a more custom design.

It’s often referred to as square as the raised portion tends to be either square or rectangle. However, there are other similar raised door styles, such as the cathedral arch which adds a decorative raised arch at the top of the square or rectangle.

6. Beadboard

Want a nice homey look? Try beadboard. Just like the paneling by the same name, this cabinet door style turns the center panel of the cabinet door into a beadboard style. This gives your kitchen a more unique look than most other cabinet door styles.

The obvious downside is all those recessed cracks between each strip attract dirt, grease and more. So, this style can be much more difficult to clean.

7. Custom Doors

Often, it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you have an idea that doesn’t exactly fit with other door styles, create your own. Consider designing a completely custom kitchen that includes custom doors. Mix and match some of the styles above. Or, design something that fits more with your dream vision for your kitchen.

If you’re ready to try out a new cabinet door style for your kitchen remodel, contact Edgewood Cabinetry today to get started and get you one step closer to your dream kitchen.

Image: jessebridgewater