Microwave Drawers, Convenience at a Price?

Do you struggle to find the counter space that you really need at home? Are you always having to more things around on the spot to make space? Well, a microwave in a custom drawer can save you a lot of counter space, and give your kitchen a much cleaner overall appearance. You will have to pay more upfront first, but this will give you that extra space and ergonomics that you really want. It all just comes down to your personal needs and what’s going to work best for your family in your kitchen.

History of the Microwave Oven

In most kitchens, you can find the microwave on the countertop or mounted above the kitchen range. In earlier days, countertop microwaves were absolutely massive and took up a huge portion of your counter space. As a result, a whole new category of furniture was created to hide away big appliances in a way that you can still easily access them. Since then, microwaves have become much smaller and more powerful, giving more and more space to the homeowner.

In a busy household with kids, pets, and who knows what else running around, efficiency and ease of access are some of the most important things in your home. You need your kids to be able to use the microwave, but it needs to be in a place where it won’t be able to fall off the counter or anything, safe and sound in a custom drawer or cabinet. Just think of it as a small washroom, it’s generally hidden away but very easy to access and use for those who need it.

In the old days, if you wanted your food warm you either had to cook it fresh and eat it warm, or heat it up in an over and hope not to burn it. Microwaves have made eating leftover food so much more simple, it allows people to hold onto food longer and cook more food at once rather than having to cook every single day. Now as great as microwaves are they get in the way still. That’s where we come in.

The Microwave Drawer and Wall-Mounted Microwave

Kitchen designs have moved more towards clean and simple styles, and of course with that has come to the request for more storage space. This leaves you with a few options. You can leave it on the countertop, have it mounted above your oven or in a kitchen range, or have a custom cabinet made to house it. Microwave ergonomics are important when it comes to young children and the elderly. It needs to be both accessible and secure from falling or any accidents.

Using a stock drawer for your microwave is a questionable move, chances are good that it’s not going to fit how you want it to and end up being a waste of money. These are the problems that a custom microwave drawer solves. A perfect fit, with perfect function, it’ll make your life just that much easier.  You aren’t just limited to a “drawer” though, we work with the individual kitchen to fit your stuff in the best way possible.