doubled stacked cabinets-edgewood cabinetry-raleigh nc

 When it comes  to getting a beautiful new kitchen, nothing can be more exciting, but at the same time frustrating.

You have probably been pouring over the design publications, as well as finding your favorites online at some of the popular sites.

You think you know what you want, but need to investigate seriously if it is a good option for you.

This post will help you with a decision on double stacked kitchen cabinets.


  • Utilizes space above cabinetry.
  • Solid doors provide storage space for bulky items or items not often used.
  • Glass front doors can also be lit and provide a decorative accent space.
  • Completes the look of the kitchen.


  • May not be enough space above cabinetry. It depends on the height of your cabinets, and height of your ceiling.
  • Inconvenient to access so need to use some type of step stool.
  • Could add a danger factor in trying to access items that are overhead.
  • The cost may be prohibitive.
  • They may make your kitchen look too busy or cramped.
Reading a list like this may help you to decide if double stacked kitchen cabinets are right for you.

There are other options, such as an angled corner cabinet with lighted glass to use as an accent display. Or a pantry cabinet designated for bulky items. But, you have always dreamed of the look of double stacked cabinets in your kitchen. In fact, it is all you can think of that you really like. You will never know what will work for you unless you contact us to get a professional design for your new kitchen. We also provide you with a 3D design with the color you have chosen.