Kitchen Storage Ideas Whats In and Whats Out

Kitchen storage ideas are everywhere, but which ones are best for your kitchen? It’s a good idea to take a look at what works and what doesn’t before you invest in any kitchen cabinet remodel.

The most important rule when it comes to kitchen storage is to do what’s most practical and convenient for you. After all, it’s your kitchen and you want it to be easy to use.

As you try to decide, consider ideas that work for all types of kitchens. Also, consider ideas that look great on paper, but rarely work out well in an actual kitchen.

In – Retractable Pan Racks

Stacks of pans are never fun to deal with. They’re heavy and you can easily scratch your pans. Instead, opt for a retractable pan rack that slides into your cabinet. Store your pans and their lids neatly. Simply slide out the rack to get the pan you need.

Out – Space Above Cabinets

On the surface, this might seem like one of those absolutely genius kitchen storage ideas. After all, you can use the space to store decorative items or items you don’t use often. In reality, that’s just space collecting dust. You could use it for taller cabinets and an extra shelf inside those cabinets to store more items without worrying about your kitchen turning into an army of dust bunnies.

In – Under Cabinet Hanging Storage

For some, this idea might seem more like an out. However, if you have ample space between your upper cabinets and your countertop, adding a rail to hang commonly used cups and cooking utensils can be an ideal way to save space and quickly reach kitchen items. You can hang items directly from the bottom of your cabinets, but a rail along the wall or under the cabinets looks neater.

Out – Storing Items Too Far Away

One of the top kitchen storage mistakes you can make is storing items too far away from where you’ll use them. For instance, if you store most of your dishes in the dining room, but usually eat in the kitchen or living room, you’ll waste a lot of time going back and forth. The same holds true if you store your favorite pot on the other side of the kitchen from your stove.

The best kitchen storage ideas make it easier to use your kitchen. Always organize your storage so items are close to where you’ll use them the most.

In – Side Cabinet Storage

Side cabinet storage is one of the top kitchen storage ideas that never goes out of style. While you can go overboard with this one, it’s a great way to store smaller items. Adding small shelves, racks or hooks to the sides of cabinets allows you to gain more space for spices, cookbooks and cooking utensils. You can also add small herb pots on cabinets near windows to grow your own fresh herbs all year.

Out – Relying On Organizers

Cabinet and drawer organizers are great, but not if they take up all your space. Only use these if they help. Adding too many plastic organizers and Lazy Susans can harm your storage potential. Use these sparingly and opt more for built-in storage options.

In – Inside Door Storage

Prefer kitchen storage ideas that hide your items? Add small racks and baskets to the inside of your cabinet doors. While you shouldn’t store anything heavy, this makes a great place to store small or thin items that could easily get pushed to the back of your cabinets. Storage bags, cutting boards, spices and cooking spoons all store well on the inside of cabinet doors.

Out – Too Much Open Shelving

Open shelving is one of those brilliant kitchen storage ideas that gets overused. Having a few open shelving areas works well for commonly used items or even a few knick-knacks. However, this is also an opportunity for things to get knocked off easily or gather dust. Use glass doors to store items you want to see without the risk of them getting broken or lost. Save open shelving for very specific items that you’ll use almost every day.

In – Other Great Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for even more inspiring kitchen storage ideas, use the following resources:

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Image: Josh Hemsley