Creating A Multi-Functional Laundry Room

Do you just use your laundry room for washing and drying? Make more out of the same space by creating a multi-functional laundry room.

Even in smaller spaces, your laundry room can serve more than one purpose. That purpose usually depends on your unique needs.

If you have extra space, you could even use the room for four or five different purposes. The sky’s the limit, so get creative.

Wrapping Area

Have some extra space beside your washer or dryer? Turn it into a wrapping area. A popular addition to a multi-functional laundry room is storing wrapping supplies along with having an area to actually wrap gifts. A slide out bin and small cabinet beside your washer or dryer works well for storing rolls of wrapping paper, bows, tape, scissors, boxes and more.

If you already have a space for folder clothes, you can use that same space to spread out wrapping supplies to make quick work of birthday, Christmas and other special gifts.

Add A Mudroom

One of the most common extra functions of a laundry room is creating a mudroom. Every home can benefit from having a mudroom, even if it’s just a place to store muddy shoes while they dry and a towel to dry the dog off on a rainy day. This tends to work best when your laundry room is near an outside door. You can also add a faucet to rinse things off, a place to hang coats and a bench to quickly change shoes. You can even add multi-level cabinets to make the most of the space.

Pet Area

Want to keep your pet contained while you’re away for the day? A multi-functional laundry room works great to keep your pet and furniture safe while you’re gone to work or out for the evening. Add a divider wall to create a dedicated area with a pet bed, food and water, toys and anything else your pet needs. For cats, you might even add a shelf near a window for them to look out. For smaller dogs, you can add a see-through pet door, but keep it locked when you’re not at home.

Add a row of cabinets to store pet food and supplies. If your pet tends to get dirty when going outside, add a bathing area. A simple dip in the floor with a drain works well.

Crafting Place

Finding a quiet place to craft isn’t always easy. The soothing sounds of a washer or dryer running helps you shut out the rest of the world. Add a table that folds down from a wall or use a row of lower cabinets so you can use the countertop for crafting. Make sure you add cabinets or shelves to hold and organize all your crafting supplies. Since a laundry room typically has a tile or hardwood floor, this also makes cleaning up glitter, paint and other crafting uh-ohs up much easier.

Extra Bathroom

Want a second bathroom? If you have the space, turn your multi-functional laundry room into a smaller bathroom. Adding a shower, toilet and sink allows you to have a nice guest bathroom or just extra bathroom for busier households. Your washer and dryer can go on either side of the bathroom sink. Add upper cabinets to store towels or have bins for dirty and clean laundry. Some people even hide their washer and dryer in the bathroom without anyone noticing it.

Home Office Space

If you’re trying to find somewhere quiet to work from home, why not try the laundry room? As unconventional as it sounds, a laundry room actually works out well. Add a counter and some cabinets to create a makeshift desk. All you need is a small open area between cabinets to slide your chair in. You can even have shelves or upper cabinets for extra storage. Plus, if you want to stay on top of laundry, everything’s in one room.

There are so many different uses for laundry rooms. Go ahead and plan out a multi-functional laundry room of your own.

Got your plans all ready? Contact Edgewood Cabinetry today to see how we can help customize storage and cabinets for your laundry room needs.

Image: ErikaWittlieb