Why You Need A Mudroom

More than ever, mudrooms are becoming a staple in modern homes. Many people are finding out they need a mudroom not only for extra space, but to maintain a cleaner home.

The great news is your mudroom can be as large or small as you want it. Just have a smaller entryway? It’ll work just fine. Want a combined mudroom and laundry room? Not a problem.

Before you write off the idea of adding this incredibly useful room to your home, take a moment to learn why it may just become a must-have.

Keep Your Home Cleaner

The main reason you need a mudroom is to keep your home cleaner. In fact, that’s the original purpose of mudrooms. They were used as an entry room in farmhouses so farmers could take off their muddy shoes and dusty coats before they got dirt and grime all over the house. Many would have a drain and even a sink to make it easier to clean up.

Think of all the times you’ve had wet or muddy shoes. You know younger kids aren’t exactly wiping their feet before running all over your living room carpet. So, keep your entire home cleaner by having a room specifically to take off shoes and coats. You can store umbrellas, sports equipment, gardening gloves and anything else you typically use outdoors. Everything stays neatly organized and you don’t have stains all over your home.

Add Extra Storage

Often times, people decide they need a mudroom to add extra storage to their homes. There are quite a few places to add a mudroom in your home and it doesn’t always have to be at an entryway. Thanks to custom-built cabinets and shelving, you add extra storage for towels, coats, shoes, outdoor equipment, guest items, extra bedding and so much more. If you’ve got the space, put it to work as a mudroom.

Double Duty Laundry Room

Many people are surprised that a mudroom doesn’t have to be strictly a mudroom. In fact, it’s becoming more common to have a double duty room that serves as a laundry room too. Your washer and dryer are tucked out of the way and you get extra space to hang clothes that might need to air dry or store baskets of clothes for your kids to grab when their laundry’s done.

You can even have a fold-out ironing board to handle all your laundry chores in one place. By adding extra cabinets and storage blocks, you also give your entire family a place to store their shoes, toss their dirty clothes (so you don’t have to search everywhere for them) and come inside without tracking shoe prints throughout the house. Most of the time, a mudroom is non-carpeted for easy cleaning.

Don’t forget, you can also store your cleaning supplies in a cabinet in your laundry/mudroom. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Easy To Customize

While there are plenty of great ideas for mudrooms, you need a mudroom that fits your needs. There aren’t any strict rules for how you should design your mudroom. While many use a bench design, you don’t have to. You can just have floor to ceiling cabinets.

Just have an entryway closet? Ditch the door, add some cabinets and a small bench, and you’ve got yourself a simple mudroom. It’s easy to customize any space into the mudroom your home needs. You can even add an extra room to your home specifically for this purpose.

Keep Closets Cleaner

How often do your closets turn into bottomless pits? You can never find your coats, gloves, hats and shoes. Keep your closets cleaner and reduce your own stress by storing the items you tend to use most often in your mudroom. Assign everyone in your home a specific space to store commonly used items for the season. In most cases, everyone has room for several coats, hats, gloves and multiple pairs of shoes.

It’s not really a question as to whether you should have a mudroom. Instead, you need a mudroom. For convenience and organization, it’s a must-have room that’s easily customizable to your needs.

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