Benefits of Bespoke Furniture

When choosing the right type of furniture for your home, bespoke furniture could be the best choice.

While pre-made furniture pieces are cheaper, the quality usually can’t come close to having something custom made. With the right craftsman, you get superior quality that lasts.

The great thing is bespoke furniture fits with any style. So, no matter what design you’re going for, hand-crafted furniture is always a great choice.

1. Custom To Your Needs

What you buy in a store doesn’t always fit where you need it or has the same wood grain as your other furniture. For instance, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’d probably prefer if your cabinets and hutch matched.

Bespoke furniture is completely custom to your needs. From the type of wood used to the style itself, everything is designed based on what you want. This is ideal for ensuring the perfect fit in your home and a perfect match to your interior design.

2. Lasts Longer

While bespoke furniture tends to be more expensive, you have to consider how long you’ll use it. For instance, if you want a hutch that you’ll be able to pass down, particle board isn’t going to work. By using solid wood versus pressed wood, you get furniture that lasts decades longer.

When the laminate on particle board is damaged, it doesn’t take long for the piece to fall apart. Unlike solid wood, you can’t just repair it either. You have to replace it entirely. If you want something that will last and stand up to heavy use, go with bespoke options.

3. More Cost-Effective

Many people choose cheaper options because they’re more cost-effective. However, that’s only the initial cost. For instance, if you choose pre-fabricated cabinets that usually use particle board or similar components, you may only be able to use the cabinets for a limited time before they start to wear out. This means you’ll replace them far more often.

With bespoke furniture, the upfront cost is more, but you won’t have to replace the furniture for a long time, possibly ever. In the long term, the more expensive option is actually the most cost-effective.

4. Easy To Modify

Want to revamp the color or style a little? Not a problem. With a little sanding or tweaks, your bespoke furniture looks like a completely new piece. For instance, cabinets can get a major facelift just by modifying the doors a little.

With alternatives, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to modify the original without completely replacing it. This costs you more if you tend to remodel often.

5. Great For Reproductions

Did you see an incredible piece of furniture, but it belonged to someone else? Not to worry. Remember how bespoke furniture is completely customizable? Get your own version of whatever furniture you see. Even if it’s a one of a kind piece, you can get one made similar or just like it.

This is also a great option if you find something you love, but it’s out of your price range. An expert craftsman can help you design something similar that’s more affordable.

6. Always Fits Your Home

Everyone’s home isn’t designed the same. This means all the pre-fabricated furniture out there isn’t always going to fit. In most cases, you’ll have to get creative to make things fit the way you want.

Why not get something that fits exactly right to begin with? Bespoke furniture is designed based on the space you have available, not what someone else thinks you should have. Need cabinets with extremely odd sizes? Go custom and get exactly the sizes you need.

7. Exclusive Designs

While pre-fabricated pieces look good, they look the same in every household. Bespoke furniture is unique and exclusive to you. Want something that will make your friends envious? Get an exclusive design based on your vision. This is how you make your house a home. Skip what everyone else has and do your own thing.

Are you interested in custom designs that last for generations? Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Image: Ian Schneider