Entertainment Center

If you have a TV, you probably have a TV stand or an entertainment center. The problem is, it’s probably nothing you’d really brag about.

Granted, it does the get the job done, but wouldn’t you like something that does more than just hold your TV? Of course! That’s why you need a custom made entertainment center.

You get exactly what you want while creating the perfect centerpiece to showcase all your favorite electronics. Plus, you’ll love having an entertainment center all your friends and family envy.

Designed For Your Electronics

Entertainment centers aren’t just for TVs. Even though almost 60% of Americans are streaming TV, many still own DVD or Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, streaming boxes, speaker systems and more in addition to their TVs. That’s quite a few electronics to find a home for.

With a custom made entertainment center, you get to design homes for all of your electronics. You can even have a slide out drawer to hold a wireless keyboard if you use your TV as your computer.

Never Too Big Or Small

Have you ever went shopping for an entertainment center and found yourself settling on the size and shape? You’re definitely not alone. Most pre-built entertainment centers are similar. In the end, you settle for something that’s too big or too small. You’re not satisfied, but what can you do?

If you can wait just a little longer, a custom made entertainment center will fit your exact specifications. Want one that is centered in a corner? No problem. Want something small for a children’s playroom? Not a problem either. Custom built entertainment centers can be as large or small as necessary.

Fit With Your Decor

Not only do you have to settle on size when it comes to pre-built models, but you also have to settle on the design and color. Imagine if your living room has an antique theme, but all you can find is a bright white entertainment center with shiny metal handles. It doesn’t exactly match.

With custom, you even get to choose the type of wood and color to best match your current decor. Instead of a standout piece that stands out for all the wrong reasons, you get an entertainment center that seems like the perfect addition to your theme.

Improve Organization

Have you ever noticed all those pre-built shelves and drawers never quite give you the organizational space you need? With a custom made entertainment center, you can design an entertainment center that does more than just store a few electronics. Have an extensive DVD collection? Add shelves on either side to proudly display your collection.

Have a collection of knick-knacks or movie memorabilia collectibles? Design a custom entertainment center with slots perfectly sized for your collectibles.

Solve Any Special Function Needs

Do you have small kids or pets that could break the TV? You need an entertainment center designed to protect your electronics. For instance, you could have the TV behind a sliding door that’s locked when you’re not around.

Want to organize the mess of power cables? Design a custom made entertainment center with built-in cable organizers. Whatever special functions you need, you can build in instead of just wishing for them. This makes your entertainment center even more functional than before.

Perhaps you need an adjustable area in case you buy a bigger or smaller TV. Even that can be a built-in option to help future proof your entertainment center.

Withstand The Test Of Time

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of custom made entertainment centers is durability. While all of the above is great, you want an entertainment center that you don’t have to replace every few years. The good news is custom entertainment centers are built with higher quality materials to last for generations.

Of course, this may make your old pre-built entertainment center feel jealous. If it’s still in decent shape, reuse it for another purpose. You get a custom entertainment center in your living room and get to use your old for a while longer.

Ready to add a custom made entertainment center to your home? Contact us today to learn how we can help you create your dream entertainment center.

Image: André François McKenzie