What To Consider When Designing Your Custom Cabinets

When you need new cabinets, custom is the way to go. Designing your custom cabinets is a fun process that lets you get exactly what you want.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or adding storage to a home office, custom cabinets are designed to always fit where you need them.

Instead of feeling stuck with pre-fab and stock cabinets, you get to customize nearly every aspect. Finally, you’ll get the perfect storage and look for your home or office.

Consider Your Space

What To Consider When Designing Your Custom CabinetsOne of the best parts of custom cabinets is ensuring they perfectly fit your space. Designing custom cabinets to fit into odd or unusual spaces ensures you have ample storage, no matter how large or small your area. For smaller areas, you might consider thinner cabinets or taller cabinets to give you more room to move around. In larger areas, you might take advantage of a variety of cabinet sizes to fit better around appliances or to show off knick-knacks.

Maximize Storage

Custom cabinets aren’t just for your kitchen. However, no matter what room your designing custom cabinets for, you’ll want to maximize storage. There are a variety of techniques to get more storage. For instance, you might have a thin pull-out cabinet between your washer and dryer that contains your detergent and household cleaners. In the kitchen, you might fit a knife block in a crevice that’s otherwise unused.

Custom cabinets give you the ultimate in storage space. Where stock cabinets might leave you with gaps on the sides or around the floor or ceiling, custom cabinets can be designed to fill up an entire space for even more storage room.

Customize Features

The Ultimate Kitchen Storage Solutions For 2020Designing custom cabinets might seem overwhelming when you start thinking about all the various built-in features. Just a few options to consider include:

  • Pull-out shelves
  • Lazy Susans
  • Under-cabinet drawers
  • Open-shelving
  • Thin pull-out cabinets for smaller items
  • Built-in organizers

It’s always a good idea to check out cabinet features and storage ideas on Pinterest and architecture sites to get an idea of what’s possible. Of course, meet with a custom cabinet builder to discuss your needs and design your cabinets together.

Think About Materials

Usually, with stock cabinets, you’re limited on what materials you can use. Designing custom cabinets gives you more freedom to choose the materials you want. At Edgewood Cabinetry, we can even make sure you’re using environmentally friendly sourced materials. Choose the type of wood you want so your cabinets will last longer, especially in more humid environments.

Choosing your own materials helps you stick to your budget too. Plus, the wood you pick sets the foundation for how your entire area will look when the cabinets are installed.

Customize The Hardware

Much like with the core materials, you also get to pick the hardware you want. Add personality to your new custom cabinets by picking unique hardware. Love the ocean? Customize your bathroom cabinets with ocean-themed handles and drawer pulls. Want a rustic look in the kitchen? Use antique-style hinges and handles. While you could customize these on stock cabinets too, it’s much easier to have it all built together versus having to change everything on your own later.

Get The Color You Want

Nothing is more frustrating than having to simply settle for a color or finish because that’s all that’s available. Designing custom cabinets gives you the chance to choose the exact color and/or finish you want. The great part is you won’t have to paint or stain it all yourself. Everything is finished before your cabinets are installed.

Go for a more natural look with a clear finish that accentuates and protects the wood. Bring out deeper tones and highlight the wood grain with a darker stain. Or, brighten up your kitchen with an antique white or yellow. They’re your cabinets, so you get to pick what you want.

Designing custom cabinets means you have a lot to consider. Let us help you by relying on our years of experience designing custom cabinets for our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

Image: PhotoMIX Ltd