Transform Your Child's Room With Custom Cabinets

Could your child’s room use a major makeover to clear away clutter and add space? Easily transform your child’s room with custom cabinets.

Forget those flimsy cube storage units. Instead, opt for something more sturdy and customizable. Plus, you’ll be able to keep your kid’s room organized better than ever before.

With a custom approach, you can even use custom cabinets designed to fit your child’s interests. From the color to how they’re shaped, kids’ cabinets are anything but bland and boring.

Under The Bed Storage

Elevate your child’s bed with fun under the bed storage cabinets. By transforming your child’s room with custom cabinets under the bed, you take advantage of what usually becomes a cluttered dust bunny home. Custom cabinets work with any size or shape children’s bed. Use drawers to store shoes, clothing, books, favorite toys, and more. You can even expand the under the bed cabinets to the headboard.

Use the headboard to store favorite stuffed animals. For hard or heavy items, use glass doors to ensure nothing falls out while your kid’s sleeping.

Create Playful Designs

The great thing about a child’s room is you’re free to get more creative. Do you have a little princess? Install custom cabinets shaped like a castle. Does your child love going hiking? Make the cabinets look like tree. You could even install a bridge between two cabinet trees to store stuffed animals to make them look like they’re in a jungle.

With pre-fabricated cabinets, you can’t get this same playfulness. Custom lets you create a room your child will love. Their cabinets aren’t just storage anymore. They’re part of the room’s personality.

Cabinet-Play Desk Combo

Easily transform your child’s room with custom cabinets by giving them more room to play. Create a cabinet that also functions as a play desk. This could be an area for them to color, paint, play with toys and more. The cabinet serves as storage for supplies and toys. A corner can easily be converted to a small play area. Leave a small open area in the cabinets for a chair and you’re all set.

If you have multiple kids sharing the same room, create a separate section for each child to play. You can either space the cabinets out or paint them different colors to designate each child’s area.

Multi-Color Cabinets

Speaking of painting, brighten up a child’s room with multi-color cabinets. Different colors have different effects on your child’s mood and even mental growth. If you don’t want to paint the walls, get more color with your cabinets. After all, they’re easier to take down and reface if you want to change colors.

For example, you might choose two or three colors to alternate your kid’s cabinets. Greens, blues and oranges are relaxing, soothing and cheerful without being overwhelming.

Use Drawers And Bins

When it comes to putting toys away, kids love drawers and bins. After all, they can just pile everything in. Transform your child’s room with custom cabinets that incorporate mainly drawers and bins. Each cabinet can be sized to exactly what you need.

You could even add labels to each drawer and bin to make it easier for your child to put everything away where it belongs. Naturally, you can add custom cabinets nearly anywhere in your child’s room. Use them along walls, in a corner or even in the middle of the room to create a fun play area.

Break Apart A Shared Room

If you have two siblings sharing a room, you know that each kid usually wants their own space. Use custom cabinets to transform the room into two separate areas. Use a wall of cabinets to create a private space for each child. Each has storage on their side of the wall. They can still have a shared play area and closet. Or, let the cabinets become wardrobes for each child. You can always add cabinets to the closet to store other items. HGTV has a list of incredible kids’ bedrooms and playrooms to really inspire how creative you can get, including breaking apart a room.

Ready to transform your kid’s room with custom cabinets? Contact us today to get the perfect cabinets for your child’s room.

Image: Victoria_Borodinova