Get The Most Out Of Your Home Office

Your home office gives you the freedom to skip the morning commute and even work in your pajamas if you want.

However, it’s important to make the most of the space you have to create an office that fits your work needs. Whether it’s a large space or something as tiny as a closet, the right cabinets and furniture give you a work oasis that makes your job seem more enjoyable.

If you’re just creating your first home office or remodeling your old one, don’t just settle for a chair and desk. Get more from your home office than you ever thought possible.

1. Start With Cabinets

While a desk and chair might seem like the combination to organize the rest of your office around, your cabinets should be the top priority. Why? Every office needs storage. Whether it’s shelves to store a few books or floor-to-ceiling cabinets to store equipment, storage is a must.

The good news is you can create any type of home office cabinets you want. Just a few common options include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling on one or more walls
  • Cabinets along the lower half to double as extra workspace
  • Cabinets along the upper half to maximize vertical space
  • Extension of your desk
  • Free-standing cabinets and bookcases

Another benefit of starting with your cabinets is you’re also able to create the entire atmosphere for the room. Want a deep, old-school look? You’ll want a darker wood or a darker stain. Want to brighten a darker office? Use a lighter wood or use a brighter paint, such as white to better reflect light and brighten the room.

2. Combine Your Desk And Cabinets

When you’re short on space, you might have to make your cabinets do double-duty. You don’t need a separate free-standing desk. Instead, build a desk into your cabinets. By creating a cubby to work in, you leave more space to move around. Plus, you still get ample storage space. Remodelholic has a great example of a custom desk built into the cabinets.

3. Create Fold Out Spaces

Low on space or sometimes need extra desk room? What about a cabinet door that folds out into a table or a table that expands when needed? Furniture and storage that fold out into larger pieces allow you to have more room to set things and work when you need it, but conveniently fold up out of the way when you need more space to move around.

4. Think Vertically

In tight spaces, you don’t always have room for floor-to-ceiling cabinets. In fact, you don’t have much room at all for cabinets at the floor level. However, don’t forget about vertical space. Adding shelves or cabinets above your desk gives you extra storage, but doesn’t get in the way otherwise. Want a more open look and feel? Stick with thin cabinets or open cabinets to give the illusion of extra space.

5. Add Organization Under Your Desk

Often times, a desk looks just like the one in our blog post’s image. While that’s nice, it doesn’t let you get the most out of your home office.

For instance, what about all the cables hanging off your desk for a light, computer, charging cable and more? You could have a custom desk (or add on to an existing desk) with built-in cable storage. Simply having a shelf directly under the desk and one or two well-placed holes allow you to organize all your cables easily.

What about items you need often? Adding shelves or drawers under your desk are an ideal way to maximize the space you have. After all, you’re probably not using all the available space with just your legs.

6. Use Shelving Or Cabinets For A Desk

Don’t want a traditional desk or just don’t have room for one? Get more space for cabinets and moving around by simply using a shelf or cabinet as your desk. A shelf is pretty self-explanatory, but a cabinet might seem more complicated since you don’t have a place to sit ergonomically.

This is a quick fix by adding a slide-out keyboard tray to a cabinet along the floor. Slide out the tray and suddenly you have the perfect place to sit and work.

7. Get Creative With Drawers

Drawers aren’t just empty boxes. Use them to add space with slide-out platforms. Organize office supplies with a built-in organizer. Replace the baseboard with a secret drawer at the floor for added storage. Remember, organizers and creativity let you turn drawers and even cabinets into something amazing.

Ready to create the perfect home office you’ve always dreamed of? Contact Edgewood Cabinetry to learn more about our home office solutions.

Image: ErikaWittlieb