Edgewood Cabinetry custom kitchen cabinet
Edgewood Cabinetry custom kitchen cabinet

Keeping Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean

When you invest in having expensive, custom kitchen cabinets built and installed in your home, your intention is to have them for many years. Keeping them looking brand new throughout their lifetime is important. Let’s review how you can keep your custom kitchen cabinets in top shape.

Get Down to the Basics

When you’ve spilled something on the kitchen cabinet, it is best to clean it right then and there. Take a lint-free cotton cloth that has been slightly dampened with water and wipe off the mess. If you’ve spilled something oily or greasy, you might need to use a simple solution of mild soap and water to wipe it down. One thing to keep in mind: do not use any harsh chemical-based solutions or detergents to clean the cabinets, this might damage the surface or ruin the finish.

Get Rid of Moisture

Moisture is the sworn enemy of the beautiful finish on your expensive kitchen cabinetry. To prevent damage due to moisture, make sure that you don’t keep any wet towels or rags hanging on the doors of your cabinets.  If you inadvertently spill water on the surface of the cabinet, make sure that you immediately wipe it down, and dry it.  Check for any dripping pipes under the sink and repair them.

Avoid Heat as Much as you Can

High heat in contact with the surface can cause the finish to discolor and the wood to start cracking.  Make it a practice to avoid placing any hot vessels on the surface of the cabinet.

Don’t Use Harsh, Abrasive Cleaners of Any Kind

Don’t use steel wool pads, scouring pads, or any other type of abrasive cleaning product to clean the messes off of your kitchen cabinet. These have a physical impact on the surface and finish of your custom-made kitchen cabinet.  Once marred, it becomes easy for liquid and food to enter into the wood and deteriorate it.

Remember that a wooden product will only last long if it receives maintenance and care. Good maintenance practices, keeping the above points in mind, will ensure that your kitchen cabinets are long-lasting and remain in pristine condition.

It truly doesn’t take as much work as you may think it does, no more than you normally do. Just be mindful of any messes you see and get them cleaned up immediately, and be smart with what you do decide to use as a cleaner. With proper care, your cabinets should keep looking truly fantastic for years to come.

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