How Hard is it To Make Custom Cabinets?

A lot of people are curious how hard it would be to make their own custom cabinets, and the simple answer is that this is not too hard for a true professional, the average person could probably even do it if they followed a good set of directions exactly.

Custom cabinets are quite popular, you can find them in a variety of homes, businesses, and more. The basic difference between the custom and the regular cabinet is the basic appeal and overall quality. Custom cabinets are always going to look better and last longer than stock. However, if you already have a set of stock cabinets but just want to give them a different look, that’s an option too! Even with stock cabinets you can easily crate a unique look with a little bit of work. You can stain any way you like, and even add/replace parts that may not be up to your quality.

Why Do I Want a Pro Making My Cabinets?

While we do believe that some of our customers probably are good wood workers and could make decent quality custom cabinets, we know that we only let pieces of the highest quality leave our workshop and make their way to your home. Our job is to make the absolute best pieces of furniture that we can, and we take pride in that. You can trust us to deliver you the absolute best piece of anything that you may want, we are proud of the work that we put out there.

You may not think about it often, but their are cabinets all over your home. From the mudroom, to the kitchen, to your bathroom and bedroom. They’re everywhere! With that said, if you do want to them from boring stock cabinets to something with a little life, you can!

Refurbishing Your Stock Cabinets

Living Room Furniture StorageStock cabinets are generally regular looking cabinets that do not have anything extraordinary or exciting about them. So to make these ordinary cabinet anything but, you have to take care of a number of things. The most important thing you want to improve is the functionality, and that’s all up to your own preferences. Most stock cabinets come in the quintessential wooden material but you can always make the custom cabinetry look different with glass and metal add-ons. You always need to keep your overall home theme/decor in mind as well, you want to stay consistent.

In most refurbishing cases, you’ll want to add crown moldings to the stock cabinets to give them a more custom look. You can even add pull out, sliding doors, and deep inset drawers into the stock cabinets. Different people have different requirements when it comes to cabinets and what they prefer. So don’t settle for the norm, make sure you do what YOU want. The entire process of developing customized cabinets from the stock ones is even easier and cheaper. You won’t get the same super long lasting results of true custom cabinets but you can trust that they’ll at least be better than before! Regardless, if you’re looking for new cabinets, you need to try your hardest to get custom made ones.

If custom made cabinets are just the things you’re looking for, contact us today and let’s start talking about the ideal cabinets for you! The sooner we start working, the sooner you can start enjoying.