Study Cabinets The Creative Addition To Your Home Office

Does it feel like your home office is missing something? Study cabinets could be the creative addition you’ve been searching for.

Sure, you have a desk and a chair, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to store everything away neatly? You could even display collectibles, awards and more to help inspire you while you work.

The great thing is you can be as creative as you want. Stick with standard cabinets or go with something more unique. The choice is completely yours.

Create A More Productive Office

Study Cabinets The Creative Addition To Your Home OfficeNot sure why you’re not as productive as you’d like, even after six cups of coffee? It could simply be that your home office doesn’t make you happy. In fact, one study proved that happy people are 12% more productive. Naturally, you have to at least kind of like your job too.

However, adding study cabinets to better organize the office, add more personality and even make the space feel more warm and comfortable helps you feel happier while you’re working. This means you could finally get the productivity boost you’ve been looking for, at least if you can eliminate all the random distractions at home.

Mix Things Up

When you think about study cabinets, you may just think of simple cabinets. However, you can get extremely creative. We’ve listed seven ways to get more from your home office just with different types of cabinets and storage options. Just a few different options to consider include:

  • Open shelving
  • Glass doors to showcase items and collections
  • Pegboard areas to attach important notes
  • Various sizes of drawers to match your needs
  • Hidden storage areas
  • Fold out furniture and counters
  • Built-in desk area

Basically, if you dream it, it can probably be done.

Add Luxurious Flourishes

Home Office Fitout - 8 Things You Need To DoYour study cabinets don’t have to be plain. Instead, put your personality on full display. Using trim molding around upper cabinets adds a nice luxurious flourish to standard cabinets. Opting for different types of wood, such as cherry or mahogany, can really set off your office. Of course, you could always add decorative trims to the bottoms of upper cabinets too, especially if your cabinets are different heights.

Play around with different door and drawer knobs and handles. You’d be amazed at just how much of a difference this simple hardware makes.

Eliminate Cord Clutter

No matter how wireless you decide to go, you’re still going to have cords everywhere. It’s just the hazard of a home office. Or,  you could eliminate all the cord clutter with creative study cabinets that hide it all for you. Built-in sections allow you to run cords through the cabinets without worrying about them hanging on anything. Plus, you can have a smaller area to open that gives you access to all the plug-ins so you don’t have to worry about ever accidentally unplugging anything.

Opt For Two-In-One Designs

While you have quite a few options when it comes to different study cabinet designs, a great way to save space is with two-in-one designs. For instance, a smaller office might not have space for cabinets and a desk. So, have the desk built in to the cabinets. Need extra desk space sometimes? Have a faux drawer that pulls out into extra desk space. When you combine functions into a single cabinet design, you save space and still have a great office.

Easily Go From Office To Guest Room

Don’t have space for a home office and a guest room? You’re not alone. However, you don’t have to choose. After all, why should you when you can create a fold out bed in your office? By designing what looks like a simple pantry or wardrobe, you can fold out a nice bed for your guests to use when they come to town. Simply add a larger computer monitor or a TV on your desk for your guests to use while they’re there.

Otherwise, the bed looks like a cabinet that matches the rest of your home office. Now, you don’t have to choose and everyone is happy.

Looking to design creative study cabinets for your home office? Let Edgewood Cabinetry help you design and create the perfect home office for you.

Image: Fran Hogan